John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair

School of Clinical Medicine



Spring School 2016

Cambridge Clinical Neurosciences

Spring School




Regeneration, Plasticity, Replacement, Prostheses.



6-8 April 2016

Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK



ProgrammeWednesday 6th April 2016
11.00 – 14.00 RegistrationWith arrival tea and coffee


12.30 Lunch 
14.00 Opening Remarks 
Theme: Visual system               
Chair: Robin Franklin
14.10 Keith Martin
“Protection and repair in glaucoma” 
14.55 Jeff Goldberg
“Repairing the optic nerve” 
15.40 Tea 
16.00 Robin Ali
“Restoring retinal function with gene therapy and transplants” 
Theme: Stem cell repair               
16.45 Steve Dunnett
“Treatment of Parkinson’s disease with dopaminergic transplants” 
17.30 Poster Talk: tbc 
17.45 – 19.00 Poster Session with Coffee, Drinks and Canapés, Magdalene College. 


Free evening in Cambridge for all delegates


19.30 Speakers Dinner, King’s College 
Thursday 7th April  
Theme: Stem cell repair 
Chair: Roger Barker 
09.00 Francois Guillemot
“Control of neurogenesis” 
09.45 Benedikt Berninger   
“Neurogenesis from endogenous precursors “ 
10.30 Coffee 
10.45 Bill Richardson           
“Oligodendrocyte precursors best online casino and myelination in response to brain activity” 
Theme: Replacement of function with prostheses 
12.15 Poster Talk: tbc 
12.30 Conference Photo 
12.45 Lunch & Posters 
Chair: Michael Coleman 
14.00 Silvestro Micera


“Restoring hand function”
14.45 Clinical presentation
15.30 Daniel Chew              
“Controlling the bladder with implanted electronics” 
16.15 Tea 
16.45 Andrew Jackson        
“Restoring upper limb function with neural interfaces” 
17.30 Poster talk: Richard Eva

“Axonal transport as a target for enhancing CNS regeneration”

19.00 Conference Dinner, Hall, Magdalene College 



Friday 8th April 
Theme: Cortical Plasticity 
Chair: Ragnhildur Karadottir 
09.00 Nick Ward         
“Restoring brain function after stroke” 
09.45 Tommaso Pizzorusso
“Manipulation of cortical plasticity” 
10.15 Coffee 
10.30 Clinical presentation  James Fawcett and Martin Curtis

“Spinal cord injury”     


11.15 Martin Schwab
“Mechanisms of regeneration, sprouting and plasticity in the spinal cord” 
12.00 James Fawcett
“Targeting the extracellular matrix for CNS repair” 
12.45                           Closing Remarks
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