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James Fawcett

Chairman – Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair


Research Group

  • Jessica Kwok (
  • Richard Eva (
  • Marc Smith (
  • Sujeong Wang (
  • Menghon Cheah (
  • Sara Soleman (
  • Daire Rowlands (
  • Hiroaki Koseki (
  • Vivien Coulsen-Thomas (
  • Heleen van T’Spijker (
  • Bart Nieuwenhuis (
  • Patrice Smith (
  • Sam Hilton (



The Fawcett laboratory is a member of the Christopher Reeve Foundation consortium.

Research Interests

  1. Axon regeneration in the Central Nervous System
  2. Plasticity and recovery from nervous system damage
  3. Schwann cells and spinal cord repair
  4. Interfacing electronics with the nervous system
  5. Clinical trials protocols for spinal cord injury
  6. Recent papers from the laboratory
  7. Other activities:James Fawcett is a Fellow and director of medical studies, King’s College Cambridge; Research Manager, King’s College Cambridge;Scientific Advisory Boards: Acorda Therapeutics, Medicortex, International Spinal Research Trust, Spinal Cure Australia, Wings for Life, Western Australia Neurotrauma fund, Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular Porto, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, Focus Program Translational Neurosciences Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, I3S Institute Porto. Trustee : Alzheimer’s Research UK, International Spinal Research Trust.


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